Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Meet the staff

I am the owner and the 'Raven' behind the shops. Raven is not my given name, I've just always felt like a Raven.

This is Jezebel. Jezzie started out as my assistant, but with a work ethic like this she was destined to become management. She was promoted in early 2013 and now oversees the operations of both shops.
This is our jewelry designer, Madame Z. Before joining our staff, she spent several years working for Simply Me Jewelry by Amy, also an ETSY shop. She works exclusively on our healing stone jewelry.

This is Grimoire. As the youngest member of the staff, Grimmie is eager to learn everything. One of his favorite duties is to man our twitter account. He does a great job of keeping everyone informed about our new products and upcoming sales.
Last, but certainly not least, is Aaron. Aaron has been working part time through the holidays helping us develop and test new products. He is also responsible for setting up our facebook pages, website, twitter account, and this blog. Without him, all of those would still be on our to-do list.

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