Friday, October 31, 2014

Grimoire's Sneak Peek

We have a lot happening in November! First off, our 'Stone of the Month' will be Tree Agate. Madame Z will tell you all about this really cool stone in her post next week.
Our 'Stone of the Month' sales will be cut a few days short this month due to the start of our Black Friday sales. The sales, starting on Thanksgiving Day, will feature savings on many items in both shops: and In addition, we will have special coupon codes for even more savings! They will be found throughout the holiday shopping season on our shops' facebook pages and my twitter page, Grimoire the cat.

Finally, we have a new employee starting in November. Madame Z's cousin Lady Fray will be joining our staff.
She has already been with us for a week touring the facility and getting acquainted with everybody. None of the staff is sure what her duties will be, but we understand our CEO Jezebel will be making an announcement soon.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back to Work with Problem Employees

The tomatoes, both red and green, are canned, the squash is in the freezer with the jam and fruit butters, and now it's time to get back to creating new items for the ETSY shops! Over the summer I became overrun with used light bulbs so it looks like Christmas and Yule ornaments will be a good place to start.

For the past couple weeks Madame Z has been trying to tell me I need to make more itty-bitty snowmen hats and scarves. Either that or she has taken over the role of problem child from Grimoire.
I admit, when I kept finding yarn scraps all over the house instead of in the work room, I thought Grimmie was to blame.
Speaking of......................
He was thrilled to offer his invaluable assistance in readying the light bulbs for painting.
Looks like I might have two problem employees on my hands!

Friday, October 17, 2014

New supplies

A new shipment of blank baby bibs arrived this week and you know what that means.................empty box!!!

Grimmie is easily amused and never misses an opportunity to have, what to him is, a good time. While he was loafing off, the esteemed CEO was busy inspecting the new supply of bibs.
After giving her approval to this latest shipment, she was off to an important meeting with Madame Z.
Who she appears to be grooming to take over for her when she retires someday.
While the rest of the staff was occupied with their various activities, yours truly was undertaking the task of pre-washing and shrinking the new bibs to prepare them for embroidering.
Well, at least that was the plan...........

Friday, October 10, 2014

Message from the CEO

Wow! The third quarter really went by fast! It's hard to believe we
are into October already! Unfortunately, we were so busy with personal summer activities, like gardening, our goals for the third quarter were not all met. Adding embroidered bath towels to both shops is still on our to-do list, we had hoped to have them available for sale by now. While we have continued to increase our inventory of baby bibs, meditation beads, and Christmas and Yule ornaments, we were hoping to have more of those by now, also. The blanket yarn is nearly all used up, with the final 100% wool blanket currently under construction.

Look for more dishcloths to be added to the Raven Heart Designs shop in the coming months also, as we finish off our supply of cotton yarn.

Our goals for the final quarter of the year are to finally get those towels finished and listed for sale, to open a shop on, and to continue to add ornaments, bibs, and meditation beads to our inventory. We have also tossed the idea of having a home craft sale around, but are not sure that is a realistic goal for this year. If we can find some other artists/crafters to join us, it would be doable.
How many of the fourth quarter goals are met, will depend on how busy the holiday shopping season is for us. We are, of course, hoping to be so busy filling orders that we are unable to do much else!

Be sure to check out our shops at and For a first look at new products and info on upcoming specials, follow Grimoire the Cat on twitter; and don't forget to like us on facebook!

I hope you all are able to enjoy the many holidays and festivities the fourth quarter has to offer.
See you in January for the next update!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Madame Z's Corner: Jet

Madame Z provides monthly posts featuring a different healing stone each month. She gathers her info from many different sources including the books: The Pocket Book of Stones; The Way of the Green Witch; Healing Crystals and Gemstones; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones; and Grimoire for a Green Witch; the websites: That Crystal Site; Wings of Spirit; and Healing Crystals for You; as well as relying on personal experience. Healing stones are not a substitute for medical treatment. Anyone with serious medical or emotional issues should consult with a health care professional. When purchasing a healing stone, it is best to buy the stone you are drawn to. Healing stones should be cleansed and charged periodically. We cleanse our personal stones at least once a month, and sometimes more often if we feel they need it. Cleansing can be accomplished by holding the stone in a stream of water. A natural stream is best, but since most of us do not have access to one, filtered water is a good substitute. Stones that include metals should not be placed in water because of the risk of rust. These stones can be placed in dirt or smudged with white sage. To recharge the stones, place in a sunny window or in moonlight for a few hours.

Our October spotlight stone is Jet. We chose Jet for the month in which Halloween occurs because it is considered a witch's stone.
Magickally, Jet is thought to draw the energy of the elementals and  to bind that energy to spells. It is also believed to protect against evil spirits and psychic attacks.

Jet, a stone formed from petrified coal, is believed to reduce anger, and is considered to be helpful with the grieving process. It is also thought to help calm anxiety and fear. Jet is believed to deflect and neutralize negative energies, and to heal energy leaks in the aura.
Associated with all chakras, jet is thought to align the root chakra and to stimulate Kundalini. Jet, like most black stones, is considered to be a protective stone.

Physically, Jet is thought to cleanse the kidneys and the liver, and to help remove toxins in the body. It is also thought to relieve arthritis and inflammation, and to treat bronchitis, headaches, and respiratory ailments.

Our personal experience with jet is of a happy stone. Jet has the ability to bring a feeling of joy to the one carrying or wearing it.

Never cleanse jet with water or place it in sunlight. We have found the best way to cleanse and charge our jet is to bury it in dirt for a period of at least 24 hours. The dirt will take care of both the cleansing and charging process. Jet does have the ability to hold negative energies and will need to be cleansed often, possibly after only one use, depending on the amount of negativity there is to absorb.