Friday, June 27, 2014

Grimoire's Sneak Peek

We will be doing things a little different for the month of July. Instead of spotlighting a stone featured in many of our earrings and meditation sets, we will instead focus on one that is not. Normally, our 'Stone of the Month' post is accompanied by a 10% discount on any item which includes the featured stone. Because we will be participating in the Christmas in July sales on ETSY, everything in both shops will already be discounted. Look for our CIJ sales to start on July 7 and to run through the end of the month at both and

Madame Z has decided to feature Peacock Ore as the July 'Stone of the Month.' Peacock ore is also known as peacock copper, chalcopyrite, or bornite. This awesome stone has the ability to align all the chakras and is associated with the astral sign Leo, my personal fave (of course).

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