Monday, September 29, 2014

Grimoire's Sneak Peek

October is a month of many celebrations and observances. It is: National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month; Cookie Month; Vegetarian month; Sarcastic Month; and Popping Popcorn Month. In addition to all of those are the more well known: Domestic Violence Awareness Month; Lupus Awareness Month; and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October also includes: Name Your Car Day; Fire Prevention Day; Moldy Cheese Day; Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day; Wear Something Gaudy Day; and Increase Your Psychic Powers Day. Not to be forgotten, it also includes: Bosses Day; Mother-in-Law Day; Columbus Day; Sweetest Day; Oktoberfest; and of course, Samhain or Halloween. 

This last observance is the focus of our October 'Stone of the Month': Jet. Jet is known as a witch's stone. It is believed to bind spells and to provide protection from psychic attacks.
Be sure to check out Madame Z's post later this week. She will tell all about this amazing stone. (She takes her teddy bear to work with her everyday.)

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