Thursday, January 8, 2015

Grimoire's Sneak Peek #2 - Secret Santa

Last month, us feline members of the staff decided to do a Secret Santa exchange for the Holidays. Everyone thought it would be a great idea to support our fellow ETSY sellers by purchasing the gifts from other shops on the site.

We all love the catnip joints (legal in all 50 states!) that the real Santa left for us on Christmas Eve. I understand he picked those up from StarkRavingCat.
Madame Z's Secret Santa gave her this awesome catnip fortune cookie. It came from SEWPhabulousPetToys.
Also from SEWPhabulousPetToys was this truly Phabulous gingerbread man that I received from my secret gift giver.
Lady Fray's gift was a catnip mouse from CritterProject. 100% of their profits go to the care of shelter cats and dogs. The mouse even came with an extra catnip pouch to refill it with later on. I (oops, I mean her Secret Santa) decided to keep that for himself.

Finally, the gift we all agreed was the greatest, the Yule log our esteemed CEO Jezebel received. I don't know what's in it, but man is that good stuff!!
Her gift came from the shop SmallWondersArt.
So, as you can see we all had a great Holiday here at the Ravens'!
Hope all of you had an awesome Holiday, too! And have an even more awesome New Year!!

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