Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fray's Focus- Our Remodel Project

Greetings all! Welcome to the premiere of Fray's Focus. My hope is to make this a regular feature on the blog, with each post being unique and informative. This first post, providing a behind the scenes look at the transformation that has been taking place since I arrived a couple months ago, will be a little different than those in the future.

I have had a great time getting acquainted with my fellow staff members: Grimoire, Jezebel, The Human, and of course, getting to know my cousin, Madame Z, better. They made me feel welcome from the first day here and have been very supportive as I adjusted to my new life.

This past month, our work rooms have been getting a makeover. The old carpet that was here when the Humans' bought the place- and that I understand they hated - has been removed and different flooring has been installed. The new flooring looks like hardwood but is actually vinyl. Clean-up is much easier and it looks wonderful. Because it is vinyl we do not have to worry about getting it wet, which is a big plus since we never know what sort of creative projects might come our way.

To prepare for the remodel project, cabinets to store a few items had to be put together. Grimoire and Madame Z took on that task along with the human known as Hubby.

Then, we had to move everything from one room to the other and start ripping up the old carpet. Jezebel oversaw this portion of the project while the Humans' contributed the physical labor.

The human known as Hubby had a buddy who came over the next day to help him finish installing the new floor.

Grimmie, who is always up for hanging around with the guys whenever they are here, ended up covered in sawdust.

Madame Z lent a paw to removing the carpet from the steps. This flooring cannot be installed on them. They will be getting a temporary coat of paint until a different friend of the human known as Hubby has time to finish them.

We all really love the new floor!

We were able to pick up some wild paint for the steps from a local hardware store. We liked it so much we decided to paint the trim, too.

Our pattern and reference books now have a home close to the scale and mailing materials........

and our arts/crafts supplies are all now stored in clear containers. 
It will be so much easier now to find the needed materials to  complete projects.

Finally, we managed to do all this while still keeping the beloved garden look.

We even added this guy to our collection of quirky items that make us smile!

While re-decorating has been fun, we're all itching to get back to work creating new things for the ETSY shops'.

And where was I while all the construction was going on?
 In my office writing this post. After all, somebody around this place had to keep the shops' going!

Until next time, Lady Fray

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