Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sick Day

I have been battling what I have labeled 'the head cold from hell' for the past couple weeks. One positive thing about being too sick to make anything new, was it forced me to take the time to list all the finished items. I really get tons of enjoyment out of creating the things I sell. Unfortunately, I have a lot of trouble making myself sit at the computer to list them once they are done. So, with the boss watching over me in case I tried to bolt, the computer work was finished. She and I even managed to work in an online class on digitizing designs for the embroidery machine. The hope is to have embroidered towels and baby bibs for sale shortly, sometime this spring. The long range goal is to use only our own designs on them. CEO Jezebel has confidence in my ability to become a master digitizer, and is even willing to give up a small portion of her nap time to give me all the support I need. In other words, to stand over me and force me to sit at a computer!

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