Thursday, March 20, 2014

Side Project

The past week I have been working on a project for the hubby. Years ago when we were first married we purchased a couple old chairs from an antique shop. The chairs needed to be re-finished and to have new cane seats put in them. Our plan was for me to do the re-finishing and for him to do the caning. He had learned chair caning as a youngster in 4-H, and had taken on the occasional job in the years since then. Well, he has a way of taking on too many projects and not having enough time to do everything, and I made the mistake of saying I would finish the chairs if I only knew how to cane. Long story short, he taught me how to do chair caning, and I not only refinished the chairs, I caned them too. I even ended up doing a couple rocking chairs, one of which can be seen as a prop in some of my ETSY listings. Now all these years later, he was approached by someone who had chairs in need of new cane seats, and who knew it was a skill he had. Long story short again, I have a chair caning job.
It has been fun to get back into caning after all these years, and Jezzie has even taken time out from her busy napping schedule to help me. (OK, so she only moved to a different room to nap. It's the thought that counts, right?)

Grimmie decided to add his invaluable assistance on a different day. Lucky me!

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