Thursday, April 3, 2014

Madame Z's Corner: Carnelian

Madame Z provides monthly posts featuring a different healing stone each month. She gathers her info from many different sources including the books: The Pocket Book of Stones; The Way of the Green Witch; Healing Crystals and Gemstones; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones; and Grimoire for a Green Witch; the websites: That Crystal Site; Wings of Spirit; and Healing Crystals for You; as well as relying on personal experience. Healing stones are not a substitute for medical treatment. Anyone with serious medical or emotional issues should consult with a health care professional. When purchasing a healing stone, it is best to buy the stone you are drawn to. Healing stones should be cleansed and charged periodically. We cleanse our personal stones at least once a month, and sometimes more often if we feel they need it. Cleansing can be accomplished by holding the stone in a stream of water. A natural stream is best, but since most of us do not have access to one, filtered water is a good substitute. Stones that include metals should not be placed in water because of the risk of rust. These stones can be placed in dirt or smudged with white sage. To recharge the stones, place in a sunny window or in moonlight for a few hours.

We have featured a few calming stones the previous months, and have decided to spotlight an invigorating stone this time.
Carnelian is one of the oldest healing stones in history. The Egyptians carried it as a source of energy and vitality. It was placed in the tombs in ancient Egypt as a 'magic armor' for life after death.
Carnelian is associated with the root, solar plexus, and sacral chakras, and is believed to bring an influx of creative and sexual energies. It is thought to increase a zest for life, and to help one regain strength after an illness or injury. It is considered a powerful aid in building courage, passion, and confidence. It is also associated with success, motivation, protection, and grounding. Carnelian is thought to help boost self confidence, aid concentration, and to help with decision making. It is believed to dispel envy and fear, and can also be used to reveal past life experiences. This stone is thought to encourage community spirit, and to promote helpfulness. Physically, carnelian is considered helpful for relieving arthritis pain, and for supporting respiratory function. It is also thought to be helpful with the prevention of miscarriage, and for treating lower abdominal pain caused by cysts.
In our experience with this wonderful stone, we agree that it brings a sense of vitality and zest for life to the wearer. For us, it brings the amount of energy needed, without being overpowering. Carnelian should be cleansed under warm running water once a month, and recharged in sunlight.

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