Thursday, July 10, 2014

Message from the CEO

Hello Everyone! It's hard to believe the second quarter has passed us by already. Right now, we are in the midst of our annual Christmas in July sales which are always a lot of fun. Since my last report, we have added embroidered baby bibs to both shops. Raven's Mystic Moon is now selling a few tie-dyed bibs of a spiritual nature to go with the healing stone earrings and meditation beads we have always carried there.

Pretty much going in the opposite direction, is Raven Heart Designs with our 'inappropriate baby bib' line of humorous baby bibs.
We have also been trying to use up our inventory of discontinued yarns by making new triple thick blankets. The blankets can be found in our Raven Heart Designs shop on ETSY, too.
R H Designs has replenished the stock of snowpeople Christmas ornaments and besom Yule ornaments. After the past holiday season, both were sold out.
These adorable little besom refrigerator magnets were added to the inventory, also.
We recently ventured into Pinterest land. Many items have now been pinned with the rest to follow soon. As expected, the inappropriate baby bibs are getting noticed.
In the coming quarter, the plan is to continue to add more embroidered bibs and to branch out a bit by offering embroidered bath towels in both shops, as well. Our hope is also to finish up, if not all then at least most, of the yarn that is left. We have already begun to work on replenishing our inventory of meditation bead sets at Raven's Mystic Moon as it was getting low, and will continue to in the next quarter.
Look for us at and Remember to like us on facebook and to follow Grimoire the cat on twitter. Grimmie does a great job of keeping everybody informed on the latest sales and newest items.
See you next quarter!

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