Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our lost week

No blog posts were made last week. I would like to put the blame on one of the 'staff' members but, alas, I seem to be the one who dropped the ball. This past weekend was the annual family X-mas in July party and I was caught up in preparations for that. The rest of the staff pitched in and did their part, of course. (The Hubby refers to them as my entourage). Grimmie is always up for a new adventure.

Though Jezzie was less enthused about the whole thing.
 Madame Z, ever the little zen kitty, had a much more laid back attitude to it all.

I always have a lot of fun planning the yearly event and this year was no exception. It even gave me an opportunity to make an 'inappropriate' baby bib for my little great-niece.
If the party preparations were not enough to keep me busy, I was also given the privilege of making cookies for photographer Melissa's bachelorette party.
It's been a long time since my 'famous pecker cookies' have made an appearance and I had forgotten how much fun they are to make!

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