Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back to Work with Problem Employees

The tomatoes, both red and green, are canned, the squash is in the freezer with the jam and fruit butters, and now it's time to get back to creating new items for the ETSY shops! Over the summer I became overrun with used light bulbs so it looks like Christmas and Yule ornaments will be a good place to start.

For the past couple weeks Madame Z has been trying to tell me I need to make more itty-bitty snowmen hats and scarves. Either that or she has taken over the role of problem child from Grimoire.
I admit, when I kept finding yarn scraps all over the house instead of in the work room, I thought Grimmie was to blame.
Speaking of......................
He was thrilled to offer his invaluable assistance in readying the light bulbs for painting.
Looks like I might have two problem employees on my hands!

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