Friday, October 31, 2014

Grimoire's Sneak Peek

We have a lot happening in November! First off, our 'Stone of the Month' will be Tree Agate. Madame Z will tell you all about this really cool stone in her post next week.
Our 'Stone of the Month' sales will be cut a few days short this month due to the start of our Black Friday sales. The sales, starting on Thanksgiving Day, will feature savings on many items in both shops: and In addition, we will have special coupon codes for even more savings! They will be found throughout the holiday shopping season on our shops' facebook pages and my twitter page, Grimoire the cat.

Finally, we have a new employee starting in November. Madame Z's cousin Lady Fray will be joining our staff.
She has already been with us for a week touring the facility and getting acquainted with everybody. None of the staff is sure what her duties will be, but we understand our CEO Jezebel will be making an announcement soon.

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