Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday party with former staff and consultants aka Disaster House 2014

Aaron, our former, and only other human staff member, was over earlier this month. He brought along his wife, the lovely photographer Melissa, and their adorable kids. The little ones did some modeling for us about a year ago.

We decided to make a party of it, so Hubby fired up the grill. (Yes, we know it's cold out. We're the kind of idiots who grill all winter long and sit out by bonfires in pouring rain, snow, and sleet.) While he was taking care of dinner, I thought it would be fun to make a gingerbread house with the kids - and quickly learned why they are sold as kits.

The roof pieces burned, one of the gable ends stuck to the cookie sheet and crumbled when it was removed, and the sides did not hold together. Finally, out of desperation, I grabbed the glue gun.
It held together long enough for the kids to have fun decorating it with gumdrops, m&m's and red hots.
And really did not look too bad considering all the difficulties and the ages of the little ones....................................Then, the roof caved in.
The most important thing is we all had a good time with, what will now forever be referred to as, 'disaster house 2014'. (And I have learned to just buy a kit in the future!) Thanks to Hubby, we also all had a great dinner. As an added bonus, all the feline members of the household hide whenever there are little ones here, so no 'help' from Grimmie......
Who spent the evening completely worn out from the excitement of hiding all day.

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