Friday, December 19, 2014

It's holiday decorating time!

So........ the other day Hubby and I decided to start putting up the holiday decorations. Not a feat than can be accomplished without plenty of feline help, mostly from our problem child, Grimoire.

 He thought it would be helpful to try to chew on the outdoor wreaths while I was trying to put new bows on them.

Lady Fray wandered out to have a look at the situation, but luckily for us humans did not find it as intriguing as Grimmie did.
While Hubby was taking care of making the outside look festive, yours truly tackled the inside. Decorating the tree with lights and ornaments was a true challenge, but I had Grimmie right there to lend a paw every step of the way. I was unable to get any pics of the tree trimming. Lets just say the lights all survived it unbroken, the ornaments are still all in one piece, and the claw marks on my hands where Grimmie missed the light string and got me instead, will eventually heal.

After all the excitement was over Jezzie wandered out to give her approval.
Madame Z was still trying to adjust to the fact her cousin, Lady Fray, now lives here, and was not in a festive mood.

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