Friday, December 19, 2014

Welcome our newest staff member, Lady Fray

All of us at the Ravens' have had an exciting time getting aquainted with the our new staff member, Lady Fray. Although, we did have some concerns at first about how well she would fit in.

In the beginning, she seemed to have a great work ethic, going above and beyond the normal expectations, even to the point of ordering take-out and eating in her office instead of going out.
But then the problems began. On the night we witnessed her grab a catnip toy, get stoned off it, and run around hissing at other staff members, we knew the stress of all that work was getting to her.
Happily, she has learned to balance her schedule better. She now takes some time out for play to ward off any repeat, stress induced, incidents.
We still are not fully sure what her duties around here will be. Our CEO Jezebel has been giving it plenty of thought and the two have had a few meetings regarding future projects.
For now, Lady Fray is still getting a feel for how things work around here. She has taken an interest in the embroidery section of the shop, as well as, learning the computer end of running an ETSY business.
And of course, Grimoire is there to lend a paw (whether she wants it or not) and show her the ropes.

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